dev-shop Unreal Engine Projects, blueprint, sourcecode and 3d-model

Coding games takes time and effort. Even with the unreal engine there's still a lot of work. This is where the dev-shop comes in handy, you can just choose the right sourcecode or blueprint. You're welcome!

All projects codes/blueprints, meshes, textures, 3D objects to be purchased can be used freely as soon as they are purchased. Create your own games on top of it or use the blueprints as hints or tips for your game.

You get the complete project folder of the Unreal Engine Game project by donating with paypal or paying with a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Check out for questions about the developed games, FAQ or just information about the respective source code.

Get a free copy of "around the globe" Unreal Engine Project (20GB)

Full Unreal Engine Projects or 3d Model. For sale or for free. You are welcome!