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Free Moskito
Free Sleeping bag
Free Tent
3,00 € each Campfire
5,00 € each Glued-The game
5,00 € each Airrope - Bean tendril
5,00 € each Be a Bee-Life of a bee

Breathtaking Motion tracking - Unreal Engine 5

Step into the future of motion capture with DeepMotion's awe-inspiring technology! In this captivating YouTube video, witness the incredible capabilities of their markerless motion capture system. No need for cumbersome markers – this cutting-edge system can accurately track full-body, face, and hand movements with astonishing precision, all from a single video source. Marvel at the lifelike animations and fluidity achieved through this groundbreaking innovation, which has tremendous implications for animation, gaming, and virtual experiences. Dive into the world of seamless, natural motion as DeepMotion redefines the possibilities of motion capture. Don't miss out on this transformative journey into the future of animation and interactive entertainment!

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